To stimulate children's hidden potential and sharpen their logic and creative thinking skills.




Help children to unleash their true potential and mentally prepare to be the prospective leaders of tomorrow. 


About Brainobrain


Nurturing children has been acknowledged as very crucial task in the development of a child. Over the years various researches done across the world have proved that the development of the brain in the formative years is more rapid and intensive. Overall it has been proved that the human brain undergoes 85% of its development during the age of 4 - 14 years. These years are absolutely critical for the development, performance and success of the child throughout his /her life.

Every parent wishes his/her child to excel. Especially in today’s competitive world, it has become pertinent for the parents to help their children develop in to all rounded personalities.

We, at Brainobrain- Norway, inculcate a sense of learning in the young minds through our skill development programmes that helps them to stimulate their thought processes, increase creativity and develop overall skills.

By integrating knowledge with skill development Brainobrain Norway provides quality oriented personalized training with utmost care and compassion to every child.

With well trained teachers coupled with stringent monitoring and evaluation processes, Brainobrain Norway provides a perfect platform for the children to develop brain skills,life skills and translate into effective learning.

We focus on nurturing children through various programmes and training modules that enable them not only to learn but also make their experience joyful and memorable. The key lies in finding out a flexible strategy to suit individual children and their various needs. Our expert trainers are qualified to identify the right need of every child and fine tune our training accordingly and make the child learn willingly.

Whatever age your children are, it is vitally important to nurture children and help them develop their skills. We have programmes and activities that help your child learn through experimenting and prepare them for life and prosper as achievers.