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Sharing Brainobrain experience

Dagny Cecilie, Parent of Thomas

Thomas sharing his experience

Thomas, Brainobrain OS

Sharing Brainobrain experience

Cecilie Nagel, Parent of Tirill


Learn while play

Thomas and Alrik doing maths while playing

Doing math while singing

Aleksander, Brainobrain Bergen

Doing math quicker

Aditya, Brainobrain Bergen


Doing math while playing

Surejan and Jeyantha, Brainobrain Bergen

Doing division - Mental arithmetic

Thomas, OS Brainobrain

Decimal sums - without Calculator

Aditya, Brainobrain Bergen


Division sums - Easy now!

Alrik, Brainobrain Bergen

National Anthem - Norway

2015 Annual Day, Brainobrain Norway

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