What is Little Brainobrain?


By exposing the children to different learning aspects at a tender age significantly helps the child to use both the left & right brain hemispheres ensuring whole brain development, besides empowers the child to do multitasking efficiently.


The entire programme has been designed just not only to improve the knowledge of the child but provide an awakening to the child to use all the resources to learn.


Course content includes: 

  • Learning numbers using Abacus
  • Mental Arithmetic
  • Hand writing and vocabulary
  • Origami and Art
  • Neurobics - Brain Gym
  • Brainstorming and Puzzles
  • Experiments with Nature
  • Rhymes and Rhythmic Intelligence
  • Curiosity Reading


Little Brainobrain Course Structure:

  • Little Brainobrain Program consists of 4 levels 
  • Duration per level: 4 months
  • One session a week
  • Every session is 2 hours
  • Children are appreciated with certificates on their successful completion of each level
  • After the completion of 2 levels of Little BOB, children can switch to Level 2 of Brianobrain
  • After the completion of all the 4 levels of Little BOB, children can graduate to Level 3 of Brianobrain
  • Children in the age group of 4-6 years have to do all the 4 modules of Little BOB
  • Children 6 years and above can do the first 2 modules of Little BOB and graduate to Brainobrain level 2


Let your child enhance and optimize the hidden potential such as their imagination, creativity, arithmetic  and life skills.

Learn while Play !

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