Parents monitor the child's development


Although Brainobrain Training would be fun learning, it also well structured. Therefore we arrange parents session for 10 -15 minutes every week after regular course hours of Children.

During parents session, we discuss about the Brainobrain Methodology, Child Performance, Regualr Practice, Motivation and Clarification.

This follow-up meant a lot to the children, also for parents.This allows both parent and child follow regular practice and developments at home.

  • PARENTS are child's FIRST AND MOST important teacher
  • If you are involved, your child will do better in all works
  • If you discuss things with your child, you stimulate her/his THOUGHTS AND DEVELOPMENT
  • When you show your CARE, your child will be MOTIVATED and will enjoy all works
  • If you have a good relationship to teachers, this will influence your child's performance
  • PARENTS are an IMPORTANT RESOURCE for children's education
  • You can motivate your child whenever it is required and that gives the enthusiasm to perform
  • You can appreciate the children and that urges them to look forward to their own success
  • Your support is crucial factor to really get best out of them. Only with your participation, wonderful results can be achieved.