SFO / After School Club


  • SFO is a nice venue to let younger children play and practice with Abacus to improve their concentration, memory and arithmetic skills
  • FAU / interested parents can play a major role in facilitating this activity
  • Brainobrain training is flexible and can be organized in different ways at SFO
  • Brainobrain teachers, SFO/School teachers can teach the children using Brainobrain course material


Municipal Cooperation


It's easy to start up a collaboration with Brainobrain and we have a thorough and proven concepts with a clear structure and well-proven records.


How does the Kommune / Municipality collaborate?

  • The kommune / municipality and Brainobrain can establish a cooperation
  • Brainobrain provides complete planned lessons
  • Update and development of the program and its materials
  • Training and professional development of teachers
  • Monitoring and regular assessment for children and teachers 

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