Team makes this possible

Parent, Teacher, Child as team and effective communication are powerful tools in helping Children be successful in schools and their life. Children spend most of their time at home and school, when teachers and parents are allies and their combined influence on children is powerful indeed.

Gabriel - Teacher

I am Gabriel, Teacher of Aleksander. We take the responsibility to make children understand Brainobrain concepts and keep monitoring their progress. As a teacher, we identify children need in various areas and give focus based on that to improve their brain skills. It is my responsibility to make children attentive in my class by giving them lot of interesting facts about Brainobrain and explain how that help children.

Aleksander - Student

I like Brainobrain, because it is expanding our imagination. I try to use both sides of the brain now. I began bob in April 2014 and i have improved my speed in general. I am concentrating more than before. I feel that listening skill activity (dictation) is more important because it improves my concentration and learning more. I can challenge everyone in my class because I am much more confident. I practice everyday for 15 minutes. Brainobrain Class is motivating because the teacher motivates us by lots of motivational stories and with pleasant smile always in the class. I had fear of maths earlier, but after beginning Brainobrain, it has changed and I can challenge anyone. My mother is happy to work with me and she is interested to support and guide me with Brainobrain practice everyday. Brainobrain helps in creative thinking!!! .

Aleksander - Mother

Before Brainobrain my son (Aleksander) had problems with his concentration, he couldn't sit still, especially with schoolwork, for more than 5 minutes. Now, after going to Brainobrain, my son has become really concentrated and is able to sit with his schoolwork for a long time. Also before BOB he was a regular student in class, now after bob he has improved his skills in all subject, especially mathematics, where he is one of the best students in his class. He doesn't mind doing schoolwork in his spare time and weekends anymore. After bob he can do a lot of mathematics in his head, for instance when we go shopping he is quick figuring the cost of things. His school teacher says "All together his schoolwork has improved a lot. Now he gets the highest score in all subjects. He doesn't get distracted as easily as before, more confident in himself and a quicker learner." All in all he has achieved a higher intelligent level. And he has become a much more stronger individual. He is doing most of the work on his own in a satisfying way, more structured. My son is more confident in himself, has a better self esteem now. The BOB teachers are really good with the children in every way, strict but at the same time generous with compliments to the BOB children says Ann Eikemo.


David - Teacher

I am David, teacher in OS Brainobrain center. We focus each and every children in the class to make them familiar with Brainobrain concepts. Jakob is very keen to learn Brainobrain techniques from the day one. We see considerable improvement in his Arithmetic, concentration skills through this program.

Jakob - Student

My name is Jakob, learning in OS Brainobrain center. I enjoy going to Brainobrain. It is fun being there, understand how it helps, and it makes me feel that I can do something that not everybody knows how to do.

Jakob Mother

Our 10 year old child Jakob has always struggled hard with mathematics in school. He has had to take extra classes, and he has been in and out of special learning groups, without ever catching up with his classmates, despite spending many hours at home laboring over his math homework every week. He started with Brainobrain eight weeks ago and is just finishing level one. He just loves it! We have witnessed a profound change in his attitude and skills over the past two months. Suddenly he enjoys, and takes pride in, finding and solving math problems in everyday tasks, from shopping to cooking. He now loves to be the one to add up the sums when we play Yatzy, and he wants to be the bank when we play Monopoly. When asked why he likes Brainobrain, he says it is because he has fun there, because he understands it, and because it makes him feel that he is able do something that not everybody knows how to do. Already we have seen a great change in his math grades in school (from always having less than half of the answers correct, to scoring 63 points out of 64 on his last test), but most of all we have enjoyed watching how his self-confidence has grown! Both he and we are so happy we were told about Brainobrain. We can hardly wait for the next level!

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