Modesta ZigmantaitÄ—

Working as a teacher 14 years in a row I find it fascinating how fast Brainobrain kids get engaged in learning, start to be more conscious, acquire habits, develop skills, learn without pressure and stress. At first it seems this method is only about math, counting, manipulating abacus but it's way much more - whole system of education, not just a piece of mosaic. I have great opportunity to integrate art, music, crafts, literature, yoga and teach in a fun, positive, interesting way and safe environment. But I like being Brainobrain teacher mostly because of the value system and experience to get to know child's personality better and see surprising results which motivates to develop my own knowledge and stay curious everyday too.


Slobodanka Kojic

I am very happy to work with children in Brainobrain. The classroom is filled with joy and great learning experience. Students are eager to learn more.They become a team in early stage and they start to help each other. This knowledge sharing evolves into friendship in the later stage. I am very proud to work with them. I have witnessed arithmetic and concentration skills improvements in every child during this program. NLP sessions has become arena for discussion, personality observation and it is boosting their leadership skills. Personally this position has challenged my teaching skills and have made me a better teacher.



I've noticed some differences in my observation and concentration since I started to work as Brainobrain teacher. For example I remember very easy numbers, like telephone numbers, numbers of the cupboard in the training center and so on. Before I was not paying attention to such a things, but now it's just necessary to have a look at the number or even position of the cupboard and I never forget it. I think it's because I have better hand and eye coordination. But I often see other people trying different doors to open, because they haven't "taken a picture" of the one they have used. Practicing with abacus helps me to train memory, I think I became more organized in my daily activities.


Nancy Ansah-Addo

The training courses are intensive and packed which give indepth understanding of almost everything we need to know about the vision. I think is a step in right direction. Experience with the BOB kids too for my few times there is exquisite,in that the children seem to know and have zeal for the course. It makes it easy to teach them. Personal experience,overall I buy in the vision of BOB because as a licenced Clinical psychologist for six years,everything that Vijaya was talking about the brain,its functionality,hemisphere,memory storage and retrieval of information and others were right on point. What makes their vision extraordinary,is how the abacus is applied in making mathematics easy for kids and their uniqueness of the usage of magic words. I don't mind letting my kids sign up when they are of age (smiling agreeably).



Sonja: After becoming Brainobrain teacher, I felt that I participate in something important and different. I really appreciated the philosophy of teaching that observes each and every child as unique as well as methodology that evokes amazing abilities in them. I feel like I am developing my abilities as a teacher and growing as a person as I participate in their development. I have witnessed children doing amazing things that I myself considered impossible before joining Brainobrain. The most important thing that children get from Braiobrain is belief in self empowerment, that is, through the hard work and believing in one's own abilities, man can achieve anything. Last but not the least, children do not get this belief by preaching, they construct it through their own experience.

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